Hallelujah! Fredi Gonzalez has been fired.


Screw that guy, he’s a goin’ home!

The Atlanta Braves fired manager Fredi Gonzalez Tuesday, ending the long national nightmare for fans of the Braves (and baseball in general).

Gonzalez, 52, was in his sixth season as Braves manager after replacing his mentor, Bobby Cox, when the legendary Braves manager retired after the 2010 season. He is the first Braves manager fired since Russ Nixon was dumped in June 1990 and replaced by Cox.

He has a 710-692 record in 10 seasons as a major league manager, including 434-413 with the Braves.

There was considerable criticism of Gonzalez during much of his time as Braves manager, despite the fact his teams won 89, 94 and 96 games in his first three seasons through 2013 and won the National League East in 2013, their first division title since 2005.

Gwinnett braves manager Brian Snitker has named the interim replacement. Snitker’s pitching coach from Gwinnett, Marty reed, will become the bullpen coach in Atlanta. Eddie Perez, the former bullpen coach, will move to first base, and former first base coach Terry Pendleton will replace bench coach Carlos Tosca, who was also fired.

My work here is done. I have already reserved the domain for Fire Bud Black.

Articles saying Fredi should go are all around now

It all started with a tweet from Bob Nitengale of USA Today:

Then the floodgates opened. This all after last week’s speculation that Fredi would be fired at the end of this road trip.

Here’s one from somebody I haven’t seen before. He spends too much time saying it isn’t Fredi’s fault, but he gets to the right conclusion. We all know it is Fredi’s fault.

But nobody said life is fair and nobody can argue that a change of leadership is not warranted. With a move to SunTrust Field coming after 2016, now is an apt time to show potential season ticket buyers and the rest of the organization that expectations are increasing for the team. Either get with the program or get shipped out.

Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk (NBC Sports) says that Bud Black is the favorite to replace Fredi Gonzalez.  Good.

Black, as you know, was the long time Padres manager who had an unsuccessful flirtation with the Nationals before they hired Dusty Baker this past offseason. Black is now cooling his heels with his longtime boss Mike Scioscia in Anaheim, in what is clearly a “wait for his next managing opportunity” posture.

Talking Chop also say that Black is the favorite, and points out that Black has a history with John Hart.

At any rate, it seems odd that a name like this would come to light as anything approaching a “heavy” favorite in early May, but with Gonzalez firmly on the hot seat as the Braves struggle, it isn’t a shock, either. Bud Black would certainly be qualified to lead the team moving forward if that is the direction that the organization wants to move toward, and it must be noted that he served under John Hart in the Indians front office for a long stretch of time.



4-17. Four and Seventeen. Now the media is calling for Fredi’s head

NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra recently called Fredi Gonzalez a “dead man walking”. Here’s his take:

Regardless, I take this as a strong sign that Fredi is gone, maybe as soon as today, but if I was putting money on it I’d say no later than a week from today, when they have an off day just before beginning a homestand.

I weep for my team.



Here’s Fredi’s lineup for tonight. And he still has a job.

This is Fredi’s lineup vs the Red Sox. I’m glad he’s giving Jace Peterson protection.

Freddie Freeman is batting 6th. The only legitimate MLB caliber hitter on the team is being used as protection for Jace Peterson.

He’s not even trying now. He’s just trolling us now.


Atlanta Braves have decided to keep Fredi Gonzalez for 2015…

sfl-marlins-fredi-gonzalez-rafael-furcal-blog--001I’mmmm Baacccckkkkkk!!!

The Braves announced that manager and career screw up Fredi Gonzalez will return in 2015.

This has to be proof that the Atlanta front office cares about their fans. They are going ahead and giving up on next year right now so that fans can save themselves the mental anguish of watching and becoming emotionally invested.

Miss me yet?

Miss me yet?

Gonzalez already had his contact extended through 2015, so he was going to get paid anyway. but at least if he was fired, he wouldn’t be around to make things worse. But with this announcement, he gets paid, AND is still allowed to run the team into the ground.  Getting paid and destroying any hopes for success seems like a little bit of a DP from Fredi…and I don’t mean a “double play”, if you know what I’m saying.

We asked last week who you think should manage the team.  Be sure to vote in the poll.


Fredi Gonzalez strikes again!

With runners on first and second and one out, Emilio Bonifacio was coming to the plate.  But Fredi decided to pinch hit for Bonifacio to try and get the run in.  Who did he use?  The newly called up Joey Terdoslavich, who has a little power? No.  Christhian Bethancourt, who has been hitting very well this season?  No.

"So then I thought...Hey, Ramiro would be a great option to inch hit here!"

“So then I thought…Hey, Ramiro would be a great option to pinch hit here!”

He went with Ramiro Pena.  He went from one light hitting , switch hitting middle infielder to a slower version of the same thing.

I was going to lay into him for not using Evan Gattis, but it appears Gattis is unavailable….again.